Welcome to the new blog!

My domain rights were up on the old blog, and there's a ton of little reasons, but I am so excited to start a new blog with a new name. 

Being real, I can't totally remember how I came up with the name "Unofficial Seating Charts" back in 2012, but I think it had something to with God teaching me a series of lessons on giving up my extreme planning tendencies. Those of you who know me well will know that control is still an idol for me, but more recently, and more loudly God has been teaching me about His Grace. Grace has been a theme throughout my whole life, and especially in this first season in Pittsburgh I've been growing in finding Grace. Grace in the mundane, Grace in the unexpected, Grace in the wild.

2015 was a wild year, 80% absolutely incredible and life-giving, 20% I'm ok if I never have to do that again. Since this time last year I've ran a half marathon, graduated college, moved cross-country, helped my parents move cross-country, lost two grandparents, been on 18 flights, blown out two tires, started a new job, left friends, made new friends, learned what "pierogis" are, raised $35,000 for my salary and expenses with RUF, joined a fantasy football league, and somehow managed to do a headstand. Plus some more stuff. 

And 2016 is shaping up to be quite a ride as well. So I hope that you'll join me here in Found Graces as I look to connect my story to the greater story of God's Grace.