Tacos, Rock Climbing, and Latte Art

An anecdote to start us out: I just said out loud to my empty house, "Oh yeah, I have La Croix!" and jumped up and danced. So if you have room temperature La Croix at your house, you have a reason to celebrate too.

A question I keep getting asked, having successfully survived my first semester as an RUF intern is, "has your experience matched your expectations?" And I have really no way to answer this without pointing back to the Gospel. More on that in a minute. 

My time in Pittsburgh has been more wonderful, more challenging, more joyful, more heartbreaking, than I ever could have imagined. There I have been fewer parking spots, tears, and miles ran than I planned on. But it's all in God's grace. 

The ever-wise Bethany McCraw once told me, "God protects us from knowing what he has in store because we wouldn't be able to handle it." Amen. I feel like this has been especially true of post-grad life. 

Had you told me one year ago that I would be spending my Saturday afternoon at a climbing gym with my guy friends, I would have said, "Sorry, I think you have the wrong number."

God is gracious in both the ways He gives us more than we deserve, and in the ways He protects us from what we want. Other than the weather, and the apparent total lack of infrastructure, I love Pittsburgh; a feat that seemed impossible just months ago. 

I also have all these new hobbies: spin class, painting, going to Espresso a Mano and hoping the red-headed barista draws a heart in my latte, being annoyed about Serial's new schedule, hosting Taco Night, buying winter gear (I wear hats now!), La Croix, and perfecting my kale chips recipe. 

It's all Grace. 

God loves me more than I will ever know, and I am more sinful than I will ever be self aware enough to admit. If I knew the depths of either I would overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion. So praise hands for everyday glimpses of both. 

Things I am loving right now:

  • The "Fifth Harmony" Pandora Station. You're welcome Drea. 
  • "Nobody's Cuter than You" by Melanie Shankle
  • MY SPACE HEATER - nothing has drastically improved my quality of life so quickly ever before. Absolutely essential for Winter in Pittsburgh Basement Living