Busyness is not Holiness - A lesson I am relearning

As sure as the waves crash against the shore, as sure as the sun rises, Apple has rolled out a new update that I do not want. And I live in fear that I will accidentally accept it and no longer have to swipe right to open my phone.

In a recent e-mail to my RUF girlies I wrote, "Complaining about how busy you are is like complaining about traffic, or how hot it is outside. We know. We're all experiencing it too." 

In Pittsburgh, like pretty much anywhere where people are building their resumes, busyness is viewed as an unofficial fruit of the spirit. Some of my students seem to be in a competition to see who can sleep the least, eat the worst, and talk about it all the most. Time and again, I've been told that what I perceive as a lack of care or hospitality in the culture and church here is actually, "people are just busy." Meanwhile, I am so eager to fight against this in the name of soul-care, that I stress over being late to my pre-planned "rest" activities. 

But here's the deal, we make time for the things that are a priority. That which you do not have time for is not a priority. Which is actually super convicting when I start to think over the things I simply have not found the time to do; the current events I choose to ignore. 

Busyness has ugly side effects. Failing to love others well, care for ourselves, care for God's creation, serve His church. 

The greatest thing we could ever need to do has already been done for us in Christ on the cross. Activities cannot hold the weight of our identity, only Jesus can. And in Him we can find the freedom to invite others into our busy mess.

Often the realization that I am too busy makes me run in another direction of just getting busy with other things. Other things that will make God proud. But he is already proud of me, my busyness or lack thereof cannot change my status before him. 

I can do the most and never come close to what needs to be done. So I probably need a break from trying to do the most, and you, sweet reader, do to. 

Busyness is not holiness. Only God is, and through Christ, me too.