I'm into pink right now, and other things

October is almost over, and personally, I'm grateful. My opinions on fall echo my opinions on bacon, it's fine, but I don't really get the hype and sometimes it does weird things to my skin. 

And here's the sitch on Autumn in the Burgh: we actually have it. Like the air is crisp, and the leaves are beautiful, and everyone and their mother has set up their gourds, scarecrows, and "happy fall" signs. But fall is just pre-winter. And winter is not my jam. Cold weather makes me want to crawl in a hole, and holes are not a safe place for me, an extrovert.

Last year I experienced a "mild winter." To me, this feels like when Pittsburghers tell me Yuengling is a good beer, or traffics not that bad, or "hey Eat'n Park is good;" it feels like a lie. Anyway, last year was mild, and this winter is supposed to be worse, so I've come up with strategies to get me through:

  • Wear appropriate footwear - no Chacos below 50 degrees
  • Listen to happy music
  • Plan a beach trip
  • Be willing and ready to use my Rest Initiative counseling more often (side note: RUF's greatest ministry to their interns is the Rest Initiative. Seriously I am so grateful.)
  • Tell people I have strategies for winter so they hold me to them
  • Hot yoga
  • considering a tanning membership, yes I know it's bad. But also "you look tan" is my favorite compliment, ok?
  • Get amped about the things I can do in winter that I can't do in summer. Except most of those things involve the potential of falling, which is my greatest fear. So if you have a low-risk, outdoor winter activity you like, hit me up. 
  • Paint a wall of my room pink ?

I'm surprising even myself with that last one. Since about age nine I have detested the color pink. Just straight up thought it was dumb. But I don't know, I'm starting to like it. Right now I'm waiting on some pink paint to dry on a canvas so I can paint hanging leaves. Leaves are my new lions. 

Recently, the concept of hospitality has really been pressing in on me. First, I spent a year being salty about how inhospitable I felt Pittsburgh was, then I read this article, then listened to this sermon, then talked to my sweet friend Hannah about how I really just want to be an event planner, then I ordered this book as a part of the intern reading program.

So it's looking like this blog is going to get a little noisier about hospitality. I don't really know what that looks like yet. But stay tuned. I could be what happens when Martha Stewart, Beth Moore, and Tim Keller are thrown into a salad spinner. And if you're one of the people who stayed at my house this weekend when I didn't even clean my bathroom, or you've graciously eaten my over cooked chicken at taco night, you get the sweet privilege of say you were there at the start. 

This morning I got to share my testimony at church as a part of becoming a member, and I got up on stage, and just started talking and totally ignored the pre-written thing I had. Which was fine, except I had this great line that I totally forgot to say, so I'm saying it now.

Since finding out I would be coming to Pitt, I have likened myself to a few Old Testament characters. At first I felt like Jonah, two middle fingers up at what God has for me. Then like Job, suffering and complaining at a loss for perspective on who God is. Now I feel sort of like Esther, working through strategic party planning while not really knowing what God is up to, or what my future holds.