A December to Remember - Without Instagram

I love social media. I wish I could be cool enough to say, "yeah, I mean I have it, but I don't really use it except to keep up with some bands you've probably never heard of," but that's just not me. If I do something I want to snapstory it, capture it adorably to Instagram, and then have a mildly snarky tweet about it later. I keep Facebook around because about once a month it proves itself to be helpful. But, boy does it noisy. And, boy do I like the validation I get from it. 

I can tell you right now which of last week's tweets got eighteen favorites, and which got zero. I've been thinking about it for a while, and I've decided to take the first 25 days of December - or Advent - to just take a break. 

This morning I deleted the apps off my phone, and I can tell you already I am craving hopping back on. 

  • I wanted to show a student 567h8 - an instagram account that will actually enrich your life
  • There's a workout that Danielle Cevallos recently posted that I've been meaning to try
  • How else am I supposed to know what everyone else in the Skimmbassador's facebook group thinks of this week's This is Us episode that I watch yesterday, but today their opinions matter

I'm a big-time believer that I am a part of a generation that looks to quick-fixes for deep heart issues. When I feel lonely or bored, I scroll through a screen instead of the 100 other, better uses for my time. I settle for swallowing someone's sound bite, instead of reaching out in love to an old friend. I judge before I listen or seek to understand. 

I have two major thoughts about my social media sabbatical:

  1. I get really annoyed when people pat themselves on the back for quitting Facebook. So I feel quite hypocritical for writing a blog post doing just that. But I also know that I have to tell a lot of people I am doing something so that their potential perceived disappointment if I fail holds me accountable (this is also a great race-training strategy). I want to take a break from the social media world quietly, and break back in quietly. 
  2. I am eager and expectant for what God will do with this time. My hope is that my longing for cheap entertainment and connection will turn into a desire for real enjoyment and deeper friendships. That this time of waiting will be turned into real joy. Kind of like Christmas.