Life Less Crowded

In my conscious effort to stay off social media this month, I've noticed a theme - a deep, barely there feeling - my life feels less crowded. I'm not sure how else to describe it. It's feeling more like a dinner party with just the right amount of people, and less like I'm not sure where to sit or set my drink down. 

It's not like the significant relationships have become 300% more meaningful, or I've finished that book I've been meaning to read, or I started a non-profit for disadvantaged kids in my neighborhood or anything. It's more like there is 300% less useless information in my brain. 

I'm grateful to have lived in five different states with tons of different experiences,  I know a plethora of people with a diverse set of beliefs. And I can access those beliefs, stances, and thoughts at any given moment on social media. But I can also get annoyed and overwhelmed by those beliefs, stances, and thoughts at any given moment. I am a deeply-rooted people pleaser, and it is so easy for me to feel a simmering burden on my heart every time I scroll through my Facebook feed. 

Here's the deal though, people just don't need my cheap affirmation. They don't need my likes. And I don't need the cheap affirmation of others. I like it. But I don't need it. 

I'll have to write a blog post at a later date about all the redeemable things with social media, because I think there are a lot. 

But for now I want to say, I do not feel any less validated or important because I have no idea who liked my most recent Instagram post. I am sure to have missed out on some things over the past couple weeks. But I have lost little.