Social Media Break thoughts: Instagram

I've officially made it through 1/5 of my social media fast. And so far, I am loving it. This is what my heart needed in so many ways. 

I knew well before this last week that Instagram breeds envy in my heart. I've become a champion of unfollowing people I find myself rolling eyes at. When someone I've lost touch with becomes overly-grateful (listen, I'm all about gratitude, but with some people, it's just better if I don't know) or their marriages seem too perfect, I simply unfollow. I've yet to regret this, and I think I need to do it more. Instagram makes it easy to celebrate your life. And life is worth celebrating! But can I have the time of my life without 100 people validating with a double-tap how much fun I had? Can I treasure a friendship without putting it on blast? Can I be myself without being a brand?

Instagram often leaves me feeling like my life is lacking. And I confess that I want my Instagram presence to be enviable. Because really I want a cute life. I want a cute life, with cute shoes, and cute activities, and a cute boy (whose chest I always put my cute hand on, in every single picture). 

But God has not called me to a cute life. He has called me to my life. Which is better than cute. 

Ways I've broken my little fast:

  • I'm still on Pinterest and Groupme. I just felt like I should confess. I rarely check Pinterest and never interact with others on it. Groupme is just my jam.
  • I had to check Facebook the other day to see what time an event started. 
  • I'm getting my haircut this afternoon, so I had to check in on my hair idol, Connie Britton, and see what she's doing these days on Instagram. Looking to maybe move my part a little more to the middle.