Wonder and Be Astounded

This semester has just been plain wild. Wild good. But gosh I have yet to have a "normal" week. 

Back when I moved into my house in August, I stuck two post-its on the mirror of my bathroom (my bathroom that does not have a ceiling, that has a toilet that requires two flushes 60% of the time, the plug on the sink is 80% of the way down, and will not come back up, and I also want you to know I have to side-step the furnace to get into my shower)(for as crazy as this state is about car inspections you would think there would be something about bathrooms in rental houses, but I digress). One is a quote from Princess Diaries, "well, this is about as good as it's gonna get;" Princess Diaries is one of my favorite movies, and this line always makes me smile. On the other post-it is Habakkuk 1:5, which I am just now realizing the irony of juxtaposing the two. 

Look among the nations and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.

This has become the verse of my year and it's mostly because back in August when I was trying desperately to make the green-glowing, low-ceilinged, former garage that is my bedroom feel homey I looked through the Naptime Diaries print shop. And I liked this print because it had a map on it, and ever since I won the Deerfield Elementary School geography bee in sixth grade, I've loved maps. Like I find looking at maps soothing. I took the verse and ran with it. 

In summary, thanks to the fact that I knew that Spain was the "olive oil capital of the world" in 2005, I have a verse that has become my anthem. Because I feel like that is exactly what has happened in the past year, I would not have believed if told, but God is doing a big, big work. 

There are doors of ministry being opened wide with welcome mats already laid out. And it's really cool to be a part of it. There is growth and redemption in areas of my heart that I had neatly packed away to be talked about never. And I get to work with the most incredible students ever, and I love it. 

And I think the thing to wonder and be astounded at the most, is that God would love a sinner like me. But he does. And He invites to come along and serve, and occasionally think I'm good at it, then get prideful, then experience humility, and wonder and be astounded at the whole thing all over again.