Bigger Dreams

This season of life is feeling a little bit like my senior year of college, people keep asking me what I'm going to with my life (which I totally do too, so no blame) and just go into this five minute long spiel (did you know that's how that word is spelled? Raise your hand if you learned something new today!) l about how I really have no clue, I just know I like not having sit in the same place all day, but really God has never not provided for me so I'm not going to stop trusting him, but it'd also be nice to have some sort of direction. 

This season of life is also incredibly sacred. Several people told me how beautiful Pittsburgh is in the summer. These are some of the same people who think Yuengling tastes good, that putting french fries on a salad is an acceptable thing, and that Steel Cactus has a good chips situation (you can't be mad at people that have never been to Torchy's, but come on); so I didn't totally trust them. But summer in Pittsburgh was undersold. Summer 2016 is slowing catching up to summer 2014 as the best summer ever. 

A few days ago I replaced the Princess Diaries quote on my bathroom mirror with a list of general prayers for the next year: "Bigger dreams, Deeper friendships, More compassion." 

Anyone who has ever given me one inch of brainstorming space knows that I am not short on ideas that probably won't work. I'm totally a "let's throw it all to the wall and see what sticks" kinda gal. I have a lot of ideas, but not a lot of dreams because dreams might not come true, then I might be disappointed and I handle disappointment like your average four-year-old. Not well.

But my sweet friend Steph Poe is really great about speaking to my dreams. She is also really good at being my "Katherine, you are being dumb" friend, which everyone needs. If you don't have a friend that tells you when you are being dramatic and pays you for babysitting with soy candles, you are doing life wrong. 

I often get caught in a "God is sovereign, he's going to get his way, so what's the point of dreaming" web, and really that's fooey. Because it's actually a little more like "God is sovereign, and I am deeply loved, so I can step out in faith, and dream big dreams, because my motivation, my satisfaction, my identity is in the Gospel, and that's not going anywhere." 

So anyway, I'm really grateful to be young, single, and living in Pittsburgh because I get to do fun things like take weekend trips to Niagara Falls, and answer 10:30pm phone calls from college students, and paint cows on canvases on my boy neighbor's front porch on a Saturday morning, and dream big dreams.