Clown Town at the Feet of the Throne

It has recently come to my attention that there are certain phrases that I say that others do not. "Cool at the pool," "Scuttlebutt," "Taco Tico." There are other Gospel truths I throw around casual conversation perhaps too casually, "the world is still spinning and the Gospel is still true," and "we live in a broken and fallen world." These phrases ebb and flow with the hype/turnt/lit's of the vernacular. 

My sweet friends that I went to Nashville with this summer will tell you I said, "super dupe," way more times than anyone should say anything.

The two I've been hooked on lately are "clown town" and "(something negative about my day) but Jesus is on his throne." "Clown town" I'm pretty sure came from Rose Buddies, which if you're looking for a Bachelor recap podcast I would recommend 10/10, except that it's not for innocent ears, so you didn't hear about it from me your local ministry intern. It's also fun along side the phrase "not my circus, not my clowns" which I say quite often. "Jesus is on his throne" came about because we've started reading Hebrews in our staff meetings.

Last year we read the Psalms in staff meeting and I really appreciated it, because I feel like I can often identify with the drama of the Psalmists. I too speak in ultimatums, exaggerations, and finalities. And if I have enemies you already know it's the parking situation in South Oakland. 

Anyway, in Hebrews One, the author is talking about who Jesus is, specifically his role in the trinity. Our campus minister Derek (who no one would ever accuse of repeating himself, especially not me or anyone who has ever tried to talk to him about running) has said at all our staff meetings where we've read Hebrews that Hebrews one is an excellent place to look at if anyone is accusing Jesus of being a mere man.

I love the image that verse three provides,

He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and he upholds the universe by the word of his power. After making purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high

Jesus sat down because his work was done. He made purification for sins, and is now seated on his throne. I love that. Where is Jesus? He's on his throne. The most important work, the work I need the most, is done.

The past few weeks have been clown town. They've been even more clown town for my students. We live in a broken and fallen world, and it so often feels like things are spiraling out of control, but Jesus on his throne.

The number of times I've spelled "thrown" instead of "throne"...

So today I am resting in God's loving sovereignty, his glorious majesty. That despite the apparent clown town, Jesus is on his throne.