Goals, Goals, all types of Goals

I love goals. Goals make me feel purposeful, accomplished, and productive. I love to have short-term measurable goals, and long term abstract goals. And of course, I like running goals. 

Goals make me hopeful. As I sat down to write my goals for 2017, I thought through several things:

  • What happened last year that I want to happen again?
  • What didn’t happen last year that I want to happen this year?
  • What does it look like to wrap up my time with RUF well?
  • When I’m 30, what do I want to say I did when I was 24?
  • How do these goals fit into my walk with the Lord? 

For 2016, my long term abstract goal was “have more fun.” I honestly think “have fun” is one of the most important goals you can have. When having fun is my goal, I am free to not get my way in the small things. The significance is on having enjoyment, not on getting the cutest picture. Even when getting a cute picture is a secondary goal, the primary goal is to have fun. 

Which is why “have even more fun” is my primary abstract goal for 2017. Under this I have three other abstract goals: celebrate, thrive, and adventure. 

Adventure was a word in 2016 that I hated. It just annoyed me. I felt like it was overused. I'm still not a huge fan of it but "take fun risks that will have last memories, but not last consequences" was a little wordy. So sometimes you have to use words you hate. 

Alongside my goal to have more fun, I want to have fun without feeling like I need someone to validate that I had fun, recognizing when it is and isn't helpful to post to social media. 

Any goal-person will tell you incremental, and measurable goals are important. I agree. Which I why I like to break down my monthly goals into measurable tasks that lend themselves to my abstract goals. I also have weekly goals, but that's mostly just a to-do list. Calling it goals makes me feel more intentional, so whatever you gotta do to slice the cake, ya know? 

My running goals for the year are to run one race each month, and run another half marathon (and finish it without crying). The first goal was all fine and good until the forecast for my January race was a high of 22. So we'll see. I also like editable, flexible goals. Maybe 11 races for 2017.

I'm currently working on 17 bucket list items for the new year, if you've got suggestions, let me know. 

Really, I love talking about goals, so tell me yours! 

Oh. And I stopped tearing my fingernails in 2016. My last 2017 goal is to keep that up.