Things I kind of like in Pittsburgh

The last few weeks I've lamented to my friends that I do not have a favorite restaurant in Pittsburgh. There's not place that I'm like, "yes, let's please go there!" No place that's the absolute first place I've taken my family and friends when they've come to visit. There are Mexican food places that CHARGE FOR CHIPS AND SALSA, it's bad. Really the only place I'm eager to go back to time after time is the the salad bar at Whole Foods, but that's really neither a restaurant nor uniquely Pittsburgh. Meanwhile my first night in Waco I am going to feel just so torn between Chuy's, Torchy's, D's, and Shorty's.

But yesterday morning I waved at my mechanic on my run, and today I wistfully thought about how much I love my yoga studio, so despite my lack of restaurant favor I do have some locales that I would love to share. Here are some of the places I will miss when I move.

Yoga Studio

Since October I've been regularly practicing hot yoga at I Am Yoga in Squirrel Hill. Other than being from Lawrence, Kansas it's pretty much the second most hippie thing about me. It's hot, and it's challenging. But the amount of lady armpit hair I see lends to the judgment-free-zone vibe. They almost always have a Groupon deal that's worth checking out. Plus I can touch my toes without bending my knees and a couple weeks ago I accidentally did the full splits, which was crazy and has not been repeated. 


Other than my friends, students, and community group, Homer's Automotive is the thing I will miss most about Pittsburgh. I brought my car there by recommendation of Derek Bates, and they've been amazing to me the whole time I've been here. They're the only mechanic I've taken my car to that doesn't make me feel stupid, or try and rip me off. They're honest and kind, and have even thrown in a few free oil changes. Plus when I run by in the morning Homer waves. 

Hair Salon

After a great stylist in high school, I jumped around from place to place in college, but once I landed with Jess at B Salon + Bar, I haven't looked back. Jess does an amazing job of understanding what I want despite my inability to describe it. She's fun to talk to, and I even let her do my eyebrows. I happened into this salon because I walked by and saw clients drinking wine and thought, "my kind of place." I scheduled my first appointment a week later.


My latest treat to myself is manicures at Envy Nails II or Envy II Nails (the sign is kind of vague) in Shadyside. It's everything you would expect out of a typical nail salon: they act like I'm a princess, are affordable, and I haven't gotten a weird infection. I'm not sure what else I could ask for. 


You already knew I was going to talk about Target. My favorite is the one in East Liberty because it has an Escalator and the novelty of that has not worn off for me. 

Saturday Morning

I LOVE the Strip District on Saturday mornings. It used to kind of scare me because it's basically sensory overload, but last Spring I started going by myself to get out of the house during a time when I don't typically have plans. Now I love the crowds, the smells, I love to just walk into the shops and touch things; you really cannot beat the people watching outside of an airport. I've made a routine of it, and it's the best. 


Hough's is by far my favorite bar, the beer selection is awesome. Their food is perfectly fine, except their pretzels, their pretzels are ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. 

Running Spot

Most days I just run around Greenfield, but North Park is well worth the drive. They have a great five mile loop that is just hilly enough. If you go on a nice weekend day, there are a lot of people out, but it's just crowded enough to be fun.

Coffee Shops

Every Wednesday morning you will find me drinking drip coffee and eating a croissant at Espresso a Mano. Love that place, not super comfortable chairs. I also love the lattes at Big Dog (because they are served at a drinkable temperature, other coffee shops take note), and the vibe at Tazza D'Oro. I do not like the Commonplace in Squirrel Hill, but the one on Penn Ave. in Friendship is great. 

Soft Serve Ice Cream

On the dumpster outside of Rialto's in Greenfield is an ad for Bud Light and a sign that says "best soft serve ice cream in town" I would agree. The machine is rarely on when I get there, so you have to wait, but it's worth it. 


I would love to know what you love uniquely about where you live!