I wash my face now

Sub-heading: and other ways I am trying to be a grown-up.

Note: this post contain affiliate links which means if you make a purchase with the included links, I get a little kickback. It has never been my goal to monetize this blog. However, if you’re not mad about me getting $10 off on my next bottle of face wash, I’m not either. 

This week on the beach, my friend Jayna and I were talking about our blogs. We talked about what we want out of the future of our blogs. We talked about how I won’t be doing my Wednesday e-mails, but I still want to tell people about things I like and encourage them in the Gospel. Then I was washing my face, thinking about how I love washing my face now, and I thought I would write about it. Then I thought I would write a couple lifestyle-blog type posts, and just see where it lands us.

For me, the journey of adulthood has been much like swimming lessons when I was five, I’ve had some practice, still not competition worthy, I’m surviving and mostly having fun. But it’s a good thing my mom is looking out for me. 

The Katherine Corliss face-skin journey all started back in the summer between seventh and eighth grades; I ran my world. I was first chair in the flute section. I knew who I was, I was semi-regularly remembering to wear deodorant, but I knew there was more to being an adult: I needed to start washing my face. So I picked three bottles out of our bathroom closet (which by the way, I can smell that closet now as I’m typing this, it had a very distinct smell) and went to town with some Clarisol Ultra or something, I thought the burning sensation was it just cleaning my pores. Three days later I looked like Quasi Moto. My mom, my pediatrician, and I determined that I was allergic to face wash. After trying a few brands meant for sensitive skin, I lived the next ten years like if I washed my face I would die, or at least have to live in a bell tower for a while. 

Fast forward to 2016 and between posts about the election and how to get your kid to stop biting in the Skimmbassador Facebook group, there’s a post about how if you use a loufa, you’re just asking for a skin eating bacterial disease. No thank you. One commenter on this post said that she just loves a fresh wash cloth, so she buys the ten packs at Target and washes them after each use. That’s how I ended up with 20 wash cloths which I now travel with. 

Since avoiding face wash for so long, my skin has been fine, not great. Usually it’s not an insecurity, and I take off my make up at night, but something was missing, and I just wasn’t using my wash cloths enough. In January, I started using a face mask a few times a week that was just one of life’s little luxuries, and my skin actually reacted well. Then my sisters got into Glossier, and I wanted in on the fun packaging. Listen, us Corliss girls like marketing strategies, they work on us. Looking at you, Patagonia.

I started with the Milky Jelly Cleanser and Super Pure Serum - I mostly bought the serum because I wanted to qualify for free shipping, I will use this as a bad example on a future post about budgeting. (I am still a huge fan of my Mary Kay Anti-Aging Moisturizer.) I love me some MJC, let me tell you what. It smells amazing. I feel so clean after I use it. It does not turn me into Quasi Moto. It’s gotten me in the habit of taking care of my face, which is nice, plus those wash cloths. Honestly, I’m not sure if the serum is doing much for me, but it makes me feel fancy and like I maybe have a little more control over my skin.  

I also started using cocoa-butter Vaseline on my eyelids which sometimes get super dry, and it’s healed that stuff right up!

Stay tuned for my adventures in budgeting, deleting Snapchat, trying to pursue ethical fashion, and more!