3 Things for a Thursday

Welcome back.

The past, I don’t know nine months, has been wacky shack, but I’ve been feeling the itch to get back into a writing rhythm (can never spell that word right on the first try), so here we go.

I’ve had six different blog posts swirling around in my head for the last month or so, but those are all on a spreadsheet right now, and I figured I would kick off a new season of blogging with some life updates.

About a year ago, Steph Poe gave me the word “brave.” I thought this was cute, but unnecessary, because I am self-assured, oftentimes foolishly. I’m not afraid of embarrassing myself, except for oh boy yeah I am have you seen the way I avoid shame like the plague? But I needed brave, the past year, more than ever, I’ve seen my need to have people call me higher, push me further, and for the Holy Spirit to convict me beyond what I am comfortable with.

Here’s the big one:

I moved to Kansas City to take a job in the fundraising world at the beginning of the year. For those of you keeping track at home, that’s two cross-country moves in 8 months, I work in Kansas, live in Missouri - I’m just as confused as you are. I have transition-whiplash, decision fatigue, and still hate snow. But I am so grateful to be here. There have been hard things about leaving full-time ministry behind, but I feel confident that I love what I get to do, I love the structure, I love benefits, and I love having a standing desk.

If you’re thinking, wait, hold on what? I know, I promise, I am too. I recently told someone that in my memoirs I would title my chapter on living back in Waco as, “Oops! I did it again…” But that’s not true. There’s no “oops” in God’s economy. Sometimes I think that would be easier, if we could chalk things up as a mistake and move on. God has been kind and purposeful in what feels and looks like confusion. I want to say, “I have to believe that’s true,” but honestly, it’s just true. And really, it’s not oops in my book, I loved being back in Waco, I loved my students, not an oops, just a quick turnaround.

Budgeting like a baller:

Three things necessitated me being brave when it came to my finances. The first is that I’m totally type A and should thrive on a budget (I do). For a long time I’ve been afraid to face the music, and if I’m being honest I was kind of living like one day some rich doctor would sweep me off my feet and take all my money worries away. But I need a new car, and there’s no rich doctor, yet, and really, you can’t live like that. Lastly, moving is expensive! And in January I was saving a ton of money in some areas and spending a ton in others, and I just needed to know where it all was going, what started out as “let’s just see if I can keep this up for a month,” has turned into three months and whole lot of freedom.

I have a whole blog post in the pipeline about my method and why I love it, but for now, if you’re a rich doctor interested in marrying me - I now have a highly-detailed, color-coded system.  


There’s something about having all your possessions into boxes that makes you want to have fewer of them. It feels like all I’ve been doing for the last seven years is an endless cycle of donating bags of clothes, only to roam the aisles of Target, end up with more things, needing more hangers, then wanting to get rid of it all again. I’ve sold things on eBay, I’ve sold things at Plato’s Closet, I’ve mailed bags to ThredUp, I’ve had a garage sale instragram account, but now I just want less.

I’ve long been fascinated with the idea of capsule closets and minimalism in general - and my last post was about capsule closet-ing my products. But I am sentimental to my core, I find an excess of choices comforting. And for me, working in ministry meant I could just continue to dress like a college student (yoga pants), so since high school, I haven’t thought a lot about what my style is. There is nothing quite like moving to a new(ish) climate, with no professional clothes for a professional job that’ll get you thinking about style.

I am quickly realizing that I am far more casual that I let my Pittsburgh friends believe, and I don’t mind being an outfit repeater. So I am embracing that capsule closet life. I signed up for Stitchfix, read approximately 99 blog posts, and have been scouring Madewell, ABLE, and Nordstrom for my anchor pieces. It’s so fun, and seriously so freeing.

Well, what was going to be a quick lil post across five topics, ended up being 3 mini blog posts. And I’m picking at my manicure, which means it’s time for me to change activities. I never could tell a short story. You’ll just have to keep reading in the future.