A Year of Yes

Technically my "word" for 2018 is brave. And I remind myself of that any time I have to talk myself into doing something. Going to the dentist? Be brave. Going to bootcamp class? Be brave. Joining a small group? It's 2018 baby, it's time to be brave.

Somewhere back in February, I read an Instagram post by Jenn Jett about how 2017 was her "year of yes." And scrolling through her feed, it looks like she had a pretty ballin year! So in the dredges of my first-months-in-a-new-city I decided, that, yep, 2018 was going to be my year of yes.

Pretty much after it wrote it in all capital letters, I forgot about it, and carried on being brave.

The good news for February Katherine, is that I have a social life now, which at the time seemed impossible. I have a social life, and I'm volunteering, and I've suddenly become interested in investing in my career, and my skin, and my health. Oh and I have a podcast and a newsletter. And there are only 24 hours in the day. So I was talking with a friend about how I need to sit down and figure out what I say yes to, and what I say no to. A system, because I thrive in systems.

And in that way, it has become my year of yes, and my year of no. And my system is, "is this yes taking me where I want to go?" If it's a yes, it's a yes. 

Where exactly do I want to go? That's somewhat to-be determined, somewhat in my list of "ten hopes for this fall," which includes running a 5k for time (@ my journey as a slow runner). 

An example for today: I was doing my nightly ritual of laying in bed watching Instagram stories, when Brighton Keller told me to buy new facewash. (Brighton is one of the few that survived the great Instagram purge of 2018 where I unfollowed everyone I don't know in real life - highly recommend doing this.) Do I need new facewash? Not exactly, I'm a Glossier evangelist to my core. But my skin hasn't been great lately. So I said yes to the facewash because, 1. Where I want to go involves having great, healthy skin, and 2. Where I want to go involves investing in products that work great for me at a reasonable price point. 

So I'm saying yes to more blog posts, yes to new adventures, and no to feeling overwhelmed by it all.