All the Podcasts

I love podcasts. I listen to at least one a day. I have a podcast. I’ve told other people to start podcasts, they’re great. And today I thought it would be fun to take inventory of every podcast in my library. Turns out there’s a lot, like I’m having to come to terms with the sheer amount of content I consume. And here they are.

My rating system for this blog post:

***Podcasts are podcasts I listen to the day they come out

**Podcasts are podcasts that are binge-worthy

*Podcasts are catch-up worthy

No star podcasts are podcasts I listen to when I’m in the mood for them

****Podcasts are podcasts I am the production team for, so I listen to them before for anyone else does


**30 for 30 - they did a whole series on Bikram Yoga and the scandal surrounding that community. Truly fascinating and graciously reported. Their older episodes are a good listen as well.

**A Very Fatal Murder - If you have ever, ever listened to a true crime podcast, you gotta listen to this one. Perfect for a road trip with a friend that’s a good hang, but you don’t want spend four hours talking to each other.

*All Nighter Movie Review Podcast - My old friend Emily and my new friend Emma recap the movies we all watched at sleepovers. There’s even an episode on Raise Your Voice featuring yours truly.

And the Runner Up Is - I started listening to this podcast because an early episode featured my FiveThirtyEight crush, Walt Hickey. It’s easy listening. Perfect for listening while you sort laundry.

Arc Stories - Fabulous stories told live that will make you laugh and make you cry. I recommend any episode featuring Jamie B. Golden.

Around the World with the Archibald Project - Stories of adoption and the world of orphan care that will for sure make you cry.

*Art Curious - I wanted to be an Art History major, but never got around to it. The host is a little too-scripted at times, but the content is fascinating.

***Be There in Five - I feel like Kate Kennedy is my best friend and she is the reason I don’t hate the Kardashians anymore. It’s like meeting up for margs with your friend that reads People AND Us Weekly.

***City Church Eugene - The sermons from the church in Oregon I love the most. Shaynor Newsome is an all-star preacher and the reason I love Jesus.

**Crimetown - It’s like a good PBS special on Providence, Rhode Island. Like the kind my dad would watch, and I would roll my eyes, and then be totally into.

Criminal - Well produced, well told crime stories. My favorite episode is A Bump in the Night, so creepy.

Doodie Calls - Just stories about pooping your pants. My favorite episode is the one with Erin McGown.

Ear Hustle - Stories about prison told from inside prison. It’s a little over-produced at times, but it does an excellent job humanizing a part of the world I know almost nothing about.

***FiveThirtyEight Politics - I’ve become a FiveThirtyEight junkie, so much so that I considered asking them to help me come up with a quantifiable rating system for this list, but I think they’re busy getting ready for the midterm elections or something. Really though, this podcast does a great job breaking down the national political news of the week.

Freakanomics Radio - I’ve pretty much stopped listening to this one, but I check back in every once and awhile to see if there’s a topic that interests me. My favorite episode is the one about how Uber is an economics researcher’s dream.

Give Grace - Heartfelt interviews about giving yourself and those around you grace as we all go through life’s trials.

Good Christian Fun - Two California Christians unpack relics of Christian pop culture. It’s at times irreverent, and at times annoying, but also really funny and interesting. The Lecrae and Rebecca St. James episodes are my favorite.

**Group Text with Erin and Melissa - I LOVE Erin and Melissa. So many other podcasts on this list are because they guest-hosted. They’re no longer producing new episodes. But the ones they do have are so fun and funny. Worth listening to while you’re getting ready to go out with friends.

How I Built This - Stories of successful entrepreneurs. My favorite is the episode on Southwest Airlines because that is my favorite airline.

****It’s 4 O’Clock Somewhere - If you know, you know.

*Love Thy Neighborhood - I just started listening, and I really like it.

Modern Love - Stories of love read out loud by famous people. Lots of heart.

**My Brother, My Brother, and Me - This podcast is funny, but you kind of have to have the stomach for it. My favorite episode is Which One Vapes.

***RUF Baylor - I love RUF at Baylor, and I love Way. Today I will tell you three reasons why…

***RUF at Pitt - I love love Pitt RUF, and I love Derek. Calm down, Jesus is steering this ship.

**S-Town - If you haven’t listened to this by now, you probably won’t like it.

*Saw Bones - A fun medical history/myth debunking podcast.

**Serial - Season one is the reason we’re all here.

***Slow Burn - slightly more juicy than a PBS special. If you know me, you know I’m fascinated with White Collar Crime, and this is about two presidents that did just that.

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know - A game show type podcast where you’re bound to learn something new.

**That Sounds Fun - Her interview with John Crist is perfect. The only other episode I’ve listened to is half of the episode with Jess Connally.

***The Lab - FiveThiryEight’s NBA podcast. I don’t super care about the NBA, but this is a good podcast to fall asleep to.

**The McElroy Brothers will be in Trolls 2 - This romp. It’s funny if you listen to MBMBaM.

***The Popcast - All time favorite podcast. I love Knox and Jamie. I’m a $7/month Patreon supporter, and won’t stop until they do. It really has educated me on the things to do and do not matter.

***The RFK Tapes - If you love a good political conspiracy theory, this podcast is for you.

***This American Life - An oldie but a goody. This podcast hits home runs 98% of the time, and the 2% it doesn’t, they at least hit a double. The recent episode on church planters is fascinating.

***Truth’s Table - If you need the voices of smart women of color in your life (and you do) you need to listen to this podcast. Man, it’s good.

Typology - An Enneagram podcast. It’s good. Not wow. But good.

I cannot believe you made it to the end of this list! If you know me in real life, text me your favorite podcast recommendation, and I’ll venmo you a dollar.