it's me again, this time about the Chacos

I joked about writing this think piece, and now I'm actually doing it. Welcome to my Reba year.

Sunday afternoon I read a review of "Us," Sunday evening I found myself in a theater watching "Us" wearing my favorite Athleta turtleneck and my Chacos. Are my toenails ready for Chaco season? Probably not, but you have to live the life you want. 

Approximately one hour into the movie when Tex is stumbling down the stairs towards Gabe, I leaned over to my friend and said, "he's definitely wearing Chacos." This was the first complete sentence I had been able to utter the whole time since I leaned over and shared a story that had nothing to do with what was happening 50 minutes earlier. 

Since that moment I have not stopped thinking or talking about how the men in "Us" are wearing the sandal people love to hate until they finally buckle in their big toe. Then came this piece.

Really, I'm not sure why the costumes team for “Us” is trying to suppress that they absolutely put Abraham and Tex in bona fide Chacos. As the pool boy in Legally Blonde can spot last season's Prada shoes, so too can this former employee of Kanakuk Kamps spot the rubber soled sandals that just won't quit. 

I know Chacos. I have a degree from Baylor University. After college I went to work for RUF - in the same way Tom Marvolo Riddle is an anagram for I am Lord Voldemort, so too is Reformed University Fellowship an anagram for Chacos, ESV, half-up half-down ponytail. I once wanted to get married wearing Chacos, but God was kind enough to keep me single until I would decide that that maybe wasn't a cute look. 

Look I get it, they needed something durable, something that people who have been living underground for who knows how long could run in - it wasn't going to be platform Tevas. And they were no doubt prophetic in deciding not to go with flip flops (the think pieces, yikes) or close-toed Keens (not affordable, they needed to drive home the lack of privilege for the Tethers - these people had toes exposed to the elements! Scary!).

Chacos meet the need. I have accomplished so much in my Chacos. They’ve seen me through the best of times (too many positive memories!) and the worst of times (the day before Baylor graduation I dropped a TV on my toe while wearing them and had to cross the stage in a boot) (one bad night in Nashville). 

Furthermore, I would bet my current Venmo balance that Red is wearing those sandals from J. Crew that were everywhere two summers ago the same way these bad boys were ubiquitous on Baylor's campus fall 2012....

I will not rest until Jordan Peele himself tells us what the Chacos mean. Until then, thanks for reading this. "Us" is great, and worth the watch.